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BRAGI by Shahinyans coming soon...

This is Vahagn, the architect-designer of the Shahinyans design team. Vahagn is a kind, smart, creative, humorous and friendly person.

The flight of Vahagn's creative thought is endless, the result of which is our new products.

Vahagn likes to dream, sometimes he is with us physically, but he is always in Sisian, his birthplace.

Vahagn dreams of becoming a world-famous architect, but we always say that he is a real designer, which upsets him.

The latest creative masterpiece of our "architect" designer is this modern door with an interesting design and lighting solution.

On the door was used an exotic veneer - Afromosia (afromosia), a layer of brass, hidden hinge - Italian company CEAM.

It should be reminded that Shahinyans company creates its own brand under the brand name BRAGI by Shahninyans.

This door model HARMONY DA 01 is available in our door range.

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