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How to Creatively Bring Nature into Your Home

When you want to create a relaxing retreat, it is important to consider that nature is the best antidote to stress. Whether you have just bought your house, or you want to redecorate, there are many décor tips to creatively bring nature into your home.


Windows can bring in natural light and make you feel that you are outside even when you are not. If you are doing a home renovation, consider replacing old and small windows with large energy-efficient ones. Watch the lightning across the sky when it rains or enjoy the sun on clear days from the comfort of your home.

Window Boxes

Consider having some window boxes installed on the outside of your house. Plant colorful blooms or sweet-smelling herbs to scent your rooms gently when the windows are open. Keep it low maintenance with perennial plantings or choose a mix of annuals and perennials to add seasonal variety.


Living plants in the home are among the healthy décor tips. Many houseplants act as natural air filters, cleaning chemicals like formaldehyde, benzene, and ammonia, among many others.

Natural Elements

Adding natural elements to warm up a home is a popular interior design concept and a good one for balancing modern looks. Consider adding natural stone countertops or tile. Warm up floors with beautiful hardwoods. Decorate with jute rugs or wall-hangings.

Nature-Inspired Prints

If you are shopping for new furniture or thinking of recovering something you already have, try using nature-inspired fabric. Botanical prints like florals, leafy patterns or colors taken from nature are perfect examples. Keep with one theme or mix florals and leaf patterns for a tropical look.


Choose artwork that evokes nature. Whether you like photos, paintings or prints, you can find a style of art that brings the outdoors inside. Landscapes, flowers, botanical art or skylines can all open up your indoor space to the world.


Multiply the effect of your windows with strategically placed mirrors. Reflect the garden outside by hanging a mirror across from the glass doors or windows. Decorate with smaller mirrors in groupings to redirect light into darker corners.

Bring the Beach Inside

Even if you live in the city, you can bring some of the beach home with you. Partially fill a decorative glass container with sand and place votives in it. Collect shells, sea glass or driftwood to scatter randomly in the house or make a collection on a windowsill or shelf.

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