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How to Set The Perfect Dining Room Table

Knowing how to set a dining room table perfectly is something every homeowner should know. Whether you want to set the table for an important event, or just want to add a finishing touch to your dining room, follow our tips for how to set the perfect dining room table!

1. Choose the right dining room furniture

To set the perfect dining room table, you naturally must start with the table itself. If you only have a small space for your dining room, don’t despair! There are compact dining room furniture options, such as the Ashley Hyland Dining Room Table and Chairs, which are designed to make the most of smaller areas while retaining a beautiful, traditional look. Opt for a table in a neutral tone, such as brown or white, that can be accessorized in different colors as the seasons change. 

2. Ditch table mats for patterned fabric

Instead of using placemats which are fairly expensive and difficult to customize, use patterned fabric or cloth as placemats. Cloth can be bought fairly inexpensively and cut into neat squares to add a pop of color to your dining room table. They can also be washed easily if spills occur. 

3. Add a point of interest

As you will often sit with family and friends in your dining room, it is a great place to show your personality! Add something unique or personal to your table setting, such as a small statue or an art piece made by your child, for a unique twist on a traditional table setting.

4. Go potted

While cut flowers add a touch of elegance to a room, they, unfortunately, have a short life span and deteriorate fairly quickly. Instead of flowers use potted plants for the centerpiece of your table, not only do they live longer but they add a quirky touch to your table setting. 

5. Don’t sacrifice comfort for style

Remember while dressing your table that although the look of your table is fairly important, it is more important the table is functional and comfortable. It won’t matter if you have the perfect table color scheme if all your guests can think about is how uncomfortable they are. Upgrade your chairs and ensure comfort isn’t compromised for style, the Ashley Brossling Dining Room Chair is a perfect example of a chair that is both stylish and incredibly relaxing to sit in!

By following the above tips, and investing in the right dining room furniture, you will have a perfectly set table in no time!

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